can I bury my premature baby born at 22 weeks of pregnancy

can I bury my premature baby born at 22 weeks of pregnancy ?

if you lost your baby at 22 weeks legally you do not have to have a burial or cremation service. for 24 weeks of completed pregnancy then you have to have one in the UK for a premature baby.

so for a premature baby born at 22 weeks forever sleeping you can bury your baby with a private funeral ,cremation or use the hospital service. Babies are often put in a communal grave with other little ones or cremated and put into a communal plot. these types of plots you cant put individual ornaments or graveside memorials on.

so what sort of things will you need to do and organise to bury your premature baby if you choose a private funeral director……

  • order clothes for baby so he or she isn’t naked been buried or feeling cold.
  • choose a venue for the service plain or simple or bigger event with the vicar of the church or undertaker.
  • where will baby be buried own plot a new plot or a baby garden or in your own garden (for babies less than 24 weeks gestation )
  • choose how you will get there ie order cars with funeral director.
  • what will happen after service light refreshments, pub lunch , balloon release dove release butterfly release .or go straight home.
  • pick some poems prayers songs for the service and who will read them out.
  • will you pick flowers at a local florist to go ontop of the baby casket.

later on you may decide to order a gravestone memorial headstone for the grave these are expensive and depending which cemetery or church yard baby is buried in they can be strict about adding little fences stones and the shape of the headstone just so you know in advance. you could opt for a wooden cross with an engraved plaque screwed in place to mark the grave plot instead. this would be a cheaper option or as a temporary measure until you have raised money for a permanent one.Buying a new family plot Speak to your local council who will tell you the contact numbers of your chosen graveyard/ cemetery Depending on the churchyard or area if there is lots of spaces You can sometimes choose the plot ie near a tree or near a huge stone to find it easier later one.

what are the guidelines if I decide to bury my baby born premature at 22 weeks at home ?

Guidelines for burying a baby through miscarriage at home under 24 weeks of pregnancy (gestational age).
the burial should not cause any danger to others.
not interfere with any rights other people have on the land.
have no chance of bodily fluids leaking onto adjoining land.
no danger of bodily fluids escaping into water courses ie lakes etc or water supplies.
Must be buried at least 18 inches deep or 45cm depth.

if you do decide to buy your own plot in a cemetery or church yard its a good place to sit remember talk gently to your baby and come to terms with the fact they may have passed away but will be forever in your heart and mind.

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