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baby premature sleeps in a crib once they are home from hospital

baby born earlier than expected? did you go into premature labour ? or are pregnant and are wondering when will my pregnancy ever end. Do you think you will be in shock if you did go into premature labour .what if your baby born is very early? Read on to learn all about when your baby will be born

when will baby be born I’ve a huge pregnant belly

often pregnant women can have a huge baby bump. As they get towards the end of the pregnancy many people tend to come up to them and say ” aww when are you due ” or “have you not had that baby yet ” Sometimes the mum to be often wishes oh I wish baby would hurry up and come.

Incidentally a woman’s wish can occasionally come true then a baby born within hours of going into what’s known as “premature labour”. When baby is gonna come its gonna come. Next Doctors often try drugs to keep baby in longer. Some times a mum is told to have bed rest and lie upside down to try keep baby in for just a while longer. Its to keep baby maturing inside the womb with its inner organs.

The baby born premature and its risks to the infant

prematurity isn’t a good thing. Especially for a baby that’s been born very early at 24 or 25 weeks gestation. None of baby’s inner organs will be mature enough to work alone in the outside world. In this case we are talking about the lungs, and breathing. Its how the gut works with taking feeds. there are tender little veins and structures of a baby that need support.

With the absence of the best thing the womb. man has invented the incubator that comes near to. The incubator will keep the air circulated. plus keeping the small environment at a warm temperature. Thus baby will stay until he or she is able to move on to a different type of cot.

Babies born very early can have problems with breathing circulation feeding, brain bleeds. stomach problems . so its always best to keep baby inside as much as possible. occasionally emergencies arise when baby is growing in the womb. Then a c section ( an operation) is performed quickly to get baby out.

causes of a baby being born early

you may wonder what causes a baby to be born early ? . Here are just a few reasons this happens 1. baby stops growing. 2. incompetent cervix. 3. infection to mother . 4 pre-eclampsia, and heelp syndrome . 5 prrom premature rupture of the membranes. 6 Placenta praevia.

top questions about baby born day
  1. how long is a woman pregnant for ? 40-42 months until a baby is born from conception to birth.
  2. Can I book a c section early instead of giving birth to my baby vaginally. You can but its not advisable. unless of a family history that puts a pregnancy at high risk. It causes more risks and dangers to the mum having an operation just for the sake of it.
  3. do you get a rough idea when baby is likely to be born if you know the date of your last period ? yes the midwife team and future scans will tell you the approximate date your baby will be due.
  4. where can a baby be born ? do I have to use a hospital its advisable to use a hospital for a first baby in case of complications. The midwife you see in your antenatal care will discuss your birth plan with you. you may decide on a home birth with a hospital back up plan for an emergency.
  5. can I have a freebirth with no interventions from medical professionals except in an emergency. yes a woman can deliver baby at home with no hands on help . but only a doctor of qualified midwife is allowed to actually deliver a baby . always have back up plans with emergency telephone numbers. quickest transport methods of getting to hospital if a complication arises with the delivery or after birth such as too much bleeding. article written by cheekychums

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