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Cheeky Chums Premature baby blog focus is providing you with the latest News,Information and tips covering every aspect from pregnancy, premature birth and beyond for premature babies up to age 1 year.The staff at the Chums Chums are professional,qualified nursery nurses or have experience with child rearing. Plus the business owner has over 28 years experience in the field of working with babies 0-8 years.

Cheeky Chums main business is a premature baby clothes superstore.This specialist online baby shop is dedicated just for premature and tiny babies.

It has a A fully interactive resource center incorporated giving mums all the important information needed for babies in the neonatal intensive care units right up until the age of 8 years.

The Love warmth ,kindness and compassion comes across to you over the telephone because everyone loves babies to pieces.Children’s safety and well being is made top priority above anything else.

Tiny baby bereavement section for premature babies born asleep or pass away shortly after birth.

The tiny baby bereavement section of Cheeky Chums is for micro premature babies who are born asleep or pass away shortly after birth.

Staff are sensitive to all telephone calls we receive at such a distressing time.We understand the upset you may have in talking about it or even  ordering these type of clothes. We empathize with the effects this situation has on the whole extended family We are here for as long as you need us even if you have to call back at another time.

Its the Only UK website to offer baby funeral  clothing with all the accessories to match sizes from 5 inches in length or 12cm.Sensitive staff can gently talk through a personalized order over the phone .tel 01942254259 10am-11pm MON -SAT

Cheeky Chums premature baby clothing website

The staff’s knowledge and expertise of babies and children comes across in the daily tweets on Twitter,all 3 main websites,on¬†this blog plus online articles.


https://cheekychumsonline.co.uk the superstore for tiny baby clothes including baby bereavement section

https://baby-burial-gowns.co.uk a selection of clothing and accessories for micro premature babies (cheekychumsonline.co.uk has more in stock)

you may contact us using any of the following ways

TELEPHONE NUMBERS Cheeky Chums Customers Office (+0044) 01942 254259) OPEN 10am-11pm.MON -SAT
Something Precious Baby Burial Clothes Urgent calls
01942 254259
OPEN 10am-11pm.MON -SAT
  for Premature Babies Рordering can be made using our late night telephone number for discretion and compassion during this emotional time.01942 254259 10am-11pm mon-sat
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CHEEKY CHUMS Head office :

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