Queen Victoria’s children

All about Queen Victoria and her children

queen victoria's children

Queen Victoria’s children and the impact they had in the united kingdom.

Queen Victoria became queen of England in June 1837 after the death of her uncle William iv . Next she had her coronation a year later in 1838. Married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg back in 1840. In the meantime she truly adored him. When you are the queen of England the government play a high role in sovereignty.

A King or Queen has a role to rule advise parliament on issues. Both Queen Victoria and prince Albert made lots of changes in the united kingdom. As a result it was for the better of the people. Its was unheard of to ever consider a marriage to commoner . in the first place it had to be of royal blood and linage. As a result Prince Albert was her first cousin. The son of her Mother’s brother.

Queen Victoria and prince Albert togetherness

Prince Albert became an important political advisor and a loving companion to queen Victoria. In brief on their wedding day Victoria wrote ..
“bliss beyond belief! Oh! This was the happiest day of my life” The love and devotion this couple had for each other .resulting to be with them for the rest of their life.

How many children did Victoria have ?

queen victoria had 9 children

Queen Victoria’s children and their linage. To begin with The happy couple had in total 9 children here is a list of them. Victoria born 1940 then Albert Edward born 1841, Alice born 1843, Alfred born in 1844, Helena was born 1846 Louise born in 1848, Arthur born 1850, Leopold born year 1853 and Beatrice born in 1857 .

Dreadful disease and destruction in the royal family

Dreadful news hits the royal couple after the birth of their 8th child. Back in the 1800s this disease wasn’t diagnosed but as it hit Victoria’s son it was all down hill after that.

The desire for a king or queen to marry and bear children was their top priority. However it was to carry and heir and a spare so to speak. When prince Leopold was born to this royal couple it all changed.

a clumsy child

They thought he was a clumsy child always falling over. Next he started to get bruises and spent many days in bed even after the slightest fall. Worried Doctors realised it was something more serious. Around that time Germany published a paper on Haemophilia. In addition Prince Leopold was one of the first people in united kingdom to be diagnosed . In this case Doctors would often wrap his little legs in bandages to try stop internal bleeding.

One day after pushing a pen top in the roof of his mouth the bleeding just wouldn’t stop. Doctors made sure both Albert and Victoria were well clear before they took drastic action. As a result to control the bleeding they used a paint brush to paint the inside of his mouth with acid .

Incidentally they could not make this known to the outside world that a disease had struck the household. Furthermore they didn’t know it was genetic and a rumour could ruin their children’s chances of marriage later on.

Unfortunately it did cause destruction to 2 members of the royal family throughout Europe. Russia and Spain.Subsequently Haemophilia was passed down through the girls. by the way her daughters had a 50/50 chance of passing onto their own children. Only Boys have the condition.

Furthermore another disease was passed through this royal family. The madness of king George. reading clippits from history text books experts state Queen Victoria‘s grandfather had the condition. As a result this disease too was passed down to her grandchildren.

Queen Victoria’s grandchildren

her linage continued with 42 grandchildren and 87 great grandchildren . a good tv programme featuring Victoria is on ITV in the uk, highly recommended.10/10 from cheekychums

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