End of Life care for babies infants on life support euthansia

End of Life care for babies infants on life support

what is end of life care for babies ? when a baby is likely to pass away within 12 months they are put on an end of life care pathway. the first thing is an assessment which should always be a PATIENT LED care pathway. in accordance with the common core principles do NOT accept any other end of life care plan.

if your baby has brain damage and you want the very best treatment for them that should be the way forward but its not often the case as more and more child cases are seen in public. Making news headlines going to court as the court is agreeing with doctors to turn of life support machines. innocent babies with some quality of life even if its only for a shortime being robbed as a life not worthy of helping let alone saving, what is going on in the UK health service lately.


Hi I have heard their are 2 care pathways for babies on end of life care in hospitals is this true?

if the hospital says there is no hope for your baby and you should let them go make sure they are put on a patient led end of life care plan. do not let them sedate your baby with medications as this will kill them over a period of time. if you want to fight for your baby then do so explore hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment , in fact there is a charity in the uk that helps with costs for babies, they will tell you if there is hope for your baby using this treatment. Its Especially for babies that have had a brain damage a brain bleed and the hospital have told you baby is brain dead. do not be put off by this and fight back.

many years ago eugenics action t4 (children not worthy of life) were used to kill young patients that were disabled in Germany, children were killed and parents were told different reasons why their child died in their care the parents knew they were murdered as reason of deaths did fit their past history ie appendix taken out  it was done years ago , tonsils removed they were removed years ago and so on.They were exterminated at clinics in Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

the Nuremburg trials were supposed to put an end to these killings after the horrific events during world war 11.6 million were jews executed.

today the world is changing children are being euthanised in Belgium Usa,Uk, it is against the law in the uk yet its happening. even to the elderly too.

have you heard the saying whats been before will be again ? look how history is repeating itself and not learning from mistakes.

what is Euthanasia in babies

fighting to stop them putting your baby out of its misery so to speak ? then make sure your baby isnt given this …..some deathly injection combinations are used to kill babies. a lethal cocktail of drugs used in hospitals not only for the babies but for elderly too the drugs to watch out for are Midazolam/ Halperidol / morphine. 

see https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223286/Hospitals-bribed-patients-pathway-death-Cash-incentive-NHS-trusts-meet-targets-Liverpool-Care-Pathway.html







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