5 year old daughter birthday party ideas NOT A CLUE help!


5 year old daughter birthday ideas NOT A CLUE help! can you suggest something to do except just a dj?

yes here are 5 ideas to do at a girls 5th birthday party

  • puppet shows go down well with this age group 3-6 year olds .
  • candy floss chocolate fountain and popcorn machine the children can dip fruit marshmallows etc into the chocolate yum.
  • magic painting corner give each child a small tub water paint brush and a colouring book that’s very cheap called the magic painting colouring book.no paint mess either write the name on each childs book to take home.
  • mobile critter adventure look online its a mini safari where they visit you with lizards creepy crawlers etc for the kids to look at and stroke.
  • the creative bus with sensory light’s ideal if you have little one sunder 5 too.packed full of things to do and create.

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