stop crying! keeping your 9 month old baby amused the easy way

prone position for good neck support and arms strength
prone position for good neck support and arms strength

wow keeping your 9 month old baby amused the easy way that will stop them crying through boredom.

This easy to create Heuristic play basket that will keep your baby amused happy and promoting developmental skills .

what you need to keep your baby amused that wont cost the earth

  •  BASKET  to keep the items in
  • natural products for your child to explore such as bath loofa,wooden spoons,small wooden rolling pin.
  • Egg boxes, notebook, sturdy cardboard tubes,greaseproof paper.
    Wooden objects: , small turned bowl, dolly pegs, egg cup, wooden egg, spoons, curtain rings, coaster, bracelet, block, napkin rings, dowel, empty salt and pepper cellars.
    Leather, textile, rubber, or fur objects: Small knitted toy, bean bag, piece of flannel, velvet powder puff, bags of herbs, bag of lavender, leather key ring, coloured ribbons, leather purse.
    Rubber objects: Ball, bath plug with chain, soap holder, door stop, coaster.
    Metal objects:  an egg cup, curtain ring, egg poacher, measuring spoons, tea strainer, whisk, powder compact, bells, lemon squeezer, small bowl, large empty sweet tin and lid
    Natural objects: A lemon or orange, coconut shell, grass rope, sheepskin, pumice stone, loofah, shells, pine/fir cones, driftwood, avocado stone, large pebbles.
    Brushes: Scrubbing brush, pastry brush, baby’s hair brush, nail brush, makeup brush, paint brush, shaving brush, wooden toothbrush.

what do you do with it all ?

put a selection of different items out infront of your baby. do not interact except to make sure they are safe with no sharp edges. do not be tempted to show your baby what to do. they learn through play exploration and problem solving.this activity last about 30-40 mins.if your baby try’s to get your attention just leave them to it and watch. its fascinating what they learn from this activity themselves.


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