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losing baby at 23 weeks or less should there be a funeral

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This blog post contains important and sensitive information which some readers may find distressing please press your back button now if it likely to cause you any  upset.

 losing baby at 23 weeks or less should there be a funeral ?

A question often asked so here is the information you need to help you decide.

  • In the UK Any miscarriage or mid term pregnancy loss or premature baby death at 23 weeks or less can have a funeral or cremation but it isnt required by law to do so.You won’t get a stillborn death certificate.Some funeral directors provide this service for free for babies.
  • For babies 24 weeks and over that have died there is a legal requirement by law to have baby cremated or have a funeral. The funeral director will need a death or stillborn certificate to proceed with the arrangements.There may be a delay in getting things organised if there has to be an autopsy.
  • These 2 websites have a baby bereavement section and useful information on baby funerals including clothing for babies born under 23 weeks gestation.
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