thing words of comfort for poorly premature baby + parents

A few days ago we said we would let you know the outcome, of the First Touch premature baby charity awareness that Cheeky Chums had planned.

We found out First touch The neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital cares for up to 600 sick and premature babies each year. It takes referrals from Kingston, Mayday, Epsom and St Helier Hospitals, and is a surgical centre for the south east of England.
First Touch is the neonatal unit’s charity. We were established in 1998 as a way for donors to directly support the neonatal unit. The majority of the money we raise is used to fund vital medical equipment, but we also fund specialist nurse training and family welfare schemes.
With two very part-time members of staff we have few overheads, and are passionate that as much money as possible is spent on the babies in our care. Donations to First Touch make a direct impact on every baby that spends time on the neonatal unit.
In the past year we have been able to fund the following items, thanks to generous donations;
1 incubator £13,000
1 ventilator £30,000
10 specialist cots £1,500 each
1 cerebral function monitor £13,000
5 heated mattresses £1,300 each
1 transport incubator £36,000
Developmental care items for babies – £2,000
2 sipaps £7,000 each
3 vapotherms £5,000 each
We are also funding a simulation training post and associated equipment, thanks to a £60,000 donation from the RBaby Foundation, and jointly funding a Family centred Care Coordinator for 3 years from July 2011 in collaboration with Bliss.
Please help us to help the very tiniest patients at St George’s!
Registered charity 1072500
Facebook: First Touch – supporting babies at St George’s

Everything is in place and here is how you too can find comforting words for your sick baby girl in the nicu. click on the link just below

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