WINTER FOOTWEAR for premature babies

As the weather becomes colder You hunt the high streets for the cosiest,warm winter footwear for yourself don’t you ?.

At Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore they stock the widest range of premature baby socks in the world. In the Hot summer months you will find light weight ankles socks and such like.

This Autumn more lines have been added to the footwear range.Warmer and thicker,more softer winter footwear in tiny sizes. FLUFFIES are absorbant and thick. This week a new line for premature winter footwear consists of Silkies like the softies socks but more silker.They feel really scrummy soft even if you gently brush one at the side of your face. You really must try these for your premature baby. Wonderful enough for adults if they stocked them in bigger sizes lol.


visit the girls sock department HERE or BOYS HERE

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