My wifes pregnancy cravings make me sick

When a wife is pregnant the partner or husband is usually the one to suffer. 2 am in the morning hunting around a 24hr supermarket to satisfy the wifes pregnancy cravings.I remember way back my husband had to drive 8 mile away to a specific corner shop, just to get ice cold cans of Lilt that were kept in a fridge.If they were warm I wouldn’t drink them.

What is the most unusual pregnancy cravings mums to be have well a wide range from Pickles,Gerkins,Ice cream, Chocloate ,Chips,Tuna,Red meat,fried Eggs.

Pica is another pregnancy craving where non food items are craved such as Sand,Toothepaste,Soap,Dirt,Clay,Coal etc it is thought it could be linked to an iron deficiency.Worried dads can make sure the mum-to-be informs the midwife in case there is a contaminent such as toxin/ pest that could harm baby in the womb.