My wife won’t let me help with our premature baby

Dear Cheeky Chums Im worried as my wife won’t let me become more involved with our premature baby? he is now in the SCBU ready for home this week and she has become overprotective making me scrub my hands all the time keeping the house clean at home and avoids me when I say ill stay you go home for a break will this continue when we get home He was 1lb 4 oz at birth and has been through a lot.

A mum finds it hard to bond with a baby that has been in the Nicu because she didn’t get to hold him for the first  few weeks.So she will want to make the most of every minute she has. He has indeed been through a lot to get through to going home stage.the smallest of task mean a lot her her such as dressing him in clothes she picked out herself changing his nappies, tube feeding him etc.  Now he is starting to take bottle feeds and become ready for home she will want to meet all his care needs to make her feel more like a mum.The horror of waitin to hear any kind of news or changes pust a huge strain on a couples relationship too. Dads often feel left out especially if they have to continue going to work or looking after things at home. 

When baby comes home beaware that baby can so easily pick up infections. Many families tend to be protective because a cough or sneeze that carries germs can be passed onto a vunerable baby that has been in the NUCU for such a long time.Do not worry good hygiene practise is good especially if you have visitors but do ask anyone friend or family to saty away if they are poorly.The first year will still be rough as baby starts to build up a stronger immune system. Chat to other dads in SCBU and ask the nuress what else you can do for baby’s homecoming and take care of yourself, you have gotton over a lot of hurdles to get this far as a couple.

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