wife pregnant,Dad’s have pregnancy worries too

Is your wife pregnant,dads have pregnancy worries too look.
MY wife is pregnant for the first time we have been desperate for the last 2 years for her to get pregnant.I dont want her drinking or taking medicines am I being too sensitive what should we be worried about now thats she is 6 weeks pregnant?

1. Tell her to take folic acid as soon as the test is possitive. seek medical advice and book her in with the midwife so she gets all the correct antenatal care from the very earliest time possible. They will asure your pregnant wife that all is well. In the first few months she will have monthly antenatal visits which will increase towards the end of her pregnancy or if any problems arrise.She will need a 12 week scan so get that done in the first instance when she books in with the midwife for the first time.Tell her don’t take any drugs except for paracetamol,if she has a lifelong medical condition the doctor will advice her what she needs to do next.

My wife is 4 months pregnant is it normal for her to be tired?

She needs to take things easy as she will be come tired.morning sickness kicks in with most women, a digestive buscuit at the side of a table for a quick nibble before getting out of bed can help if she is really feeling worst for wear.if she is quite active ask her to mention this with the midwife for more clasification on excersise reduction.remember if she does nothing all the time she may feel she has no strength when it comes to actually giving birth.

My wife wants to work as long as she can during pregnancy is this ok so long as there are no major problems?

She can work up until she feels she has had enough, some mums leave it right until the end of their pregnancy so it coincides with maternity leave pay. She should get advice from her boss.Plus alternative staff need to be found to cover your girlfriends shifts until she goes back to work.She may decide to go part time afterwards of shift share.

My partner is 3 months pregnant now ,we love rock climbing and competitve sports overseas  should she stop now?

Extreme sports are not recommended.Flying restrictions apply when pregnant a letter from gp to show you are fit enough applies after 28 weeks we recommend not flying after 24 weeks. Here are some important advice to concider for flights Air travel is generally safe for pregnant women, as long as there are no complications with the pregnancy and you are not flying too close to your due date. However, traveling pregnant does come with some warnings, such as an increased risk of blood clots and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) , especially during long flights 

  • Be aware of dehydration on airplanes, which can be worse when you’re pregnant.
  • Make sure you have plenty of water with you, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Pack vitamin-rich fresh fruit such as grapes, plums, oranges or dried apricots.
  • Wear support hose and shoes with adjustable straps in case your feet swell.
  • As always with flying, get up and walk around the cabin every two hours or so.
  • Take an eye mask and ear plugs and wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Rest as much as possible while in the air.

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