why is there a superstore for tiny premature babies ?

why is there a superstore for premature babies ?

Cheeky Chums found the need to extend the range offered in premature baby clothes because so few shops catered for all you need in tiny baby sizes.

Its all about giving families choice and lots of it in every area.Not only will you find every size imaginable stocked for premature babies at the huge online superstore 0-1/2lb,1/2-1lb,1-2lb, 2-3lb,   3-5lb,   5-8lb,8-12lb

plus you will find…

  • different styles offered in early baby clothes for all price pockets
  • all vitalizing colours stocked as well as the traditional pinks,blues whites or lemon.
  • there realistically sized  neonatal baby clothes especially designed for incubators in all care units such as NICU,HDU,SCBU,ICU,
  • There are pampering gifts and accessories as well as hard to locate items such as tiny nappies,micro sized scratch mittens,many shades of tiny baby sun bonnets etc,
  • wide range of colourful tights that are small enough and dont’ slip off to easily because they are too big. plus in case baby is quite long in the leg most items display the measurements to give you a better idea of sizings before you buy.
  • frilly socks in micro prem sizes plus lots more

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