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This weeks blog topic looks at multiple pregnancy and what a day to announce the pregnant celebrity we shall be following next is Celine Dion. She anounced in May this year that she is pregnant with twins and the latest news hot off the press is that she will  bring a family of twin boys home along with her 9 year old son she already has .

What does carrying twins bring for a new mum, double the hard work,costs in bringing up a baby going up, a bigger tum and a possible c section if the birth doesn’t go to plan.¬†

You may need to take extra folic acid,you could develop a worse case of morning sickness.Babies can arrive anytime from 36 weeks as more pressure is put onto the womb as the babies get bigger.

Risk factors carrying twins: increased chances of developing Diabetes,plus pre-eclampsia could also develop in a multiple pregnancy.

Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a condition unique to twins that share a placenta. Blood vessels within the placenta become crossed, resulting in an unequal flow of blood between the babies.

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