where to get smallest preemie clothes for babies uk


where to get smallest preemie clothes for babies in the uk

for the most colourful and extensive range of preemie babies sized clothes in the the UK, a wonderful shop online has the widest range available and is located right here in the UK you name it Cheeky Chums stocks it from little knickers, preemie baby headbands, coats, snowsuits, dresses, cardigans matinee jackets booties the lot. Its a superstore just for prem babies. Cheeky Chums also are the only UK shop online to stock baby clothes even smaller, micro sized baby clothes for babies born less than 25 weeks gestational age in pregnancy right back to the beginning for little ones born way too early or poorly and need dressing for a final sleep. nothing is too good for these tiny babies who deserve the very best dignity and respect to be laid to rest in. All you need to dress very preemie babies in top to toe from 20 weeks gestation. Beautiful cute baby prints soothing pastel shades and crisp whites to dress preemie babies in.

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for boys preemie baby clothes click here

for girls baby clothes for preemie babies click here

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