where to find tiny premature baby tights in winter

Tiny babies need tights too,especially in the colder winter months. 

Cheeky Chums not only have a more realistic size of premature baby tights that fits premature babies but the colours come in the most delicous pastel shades too. There is nothing worse than wanting clothes that match yet not being able to find an accessory to co-ordinate too.

Snuggies now have A limited addition colour in red has now been added to Cheeky Chums superstore thtas dedicated just for premature baby clothes.This colour is very popular worn expecially in the month of December when visits to family and friends are more frequent, Lots of photos are taken of a newborn wearing a pretty dress party,a best dress or special outfit.There’s the  Parties and showing of the latest new baby in the family. These red premature baby tights are available now in sizes 3-5lb at http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk Buy a pair now before stocks sell out and you find it hard to locate this colour anywhere else in these sizes.

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