where to buy clothing for a 2lb premature infant


where to buy clothing for a 2lb premature infant

many retailers have a prem baby clothing range or have the word prem on the sizing of each garment but for a family member buying the premature infant clothes it doesn’t tell you what weight they will fit a premature baby.

many times i’ve asked several stall holders what size are they and they cannot answer only”premature”. so how can you buy correctly sized premature baby clothing.

Well a superstore that specializes purely in tiny sizes have the answer to your problems buying 2lb premature infant clothes.

  • Offering choices galore all under one store experienced in slender fitting clothes especially for preterm babies.
  • stocking many different types of incubator clothes that allow for all the nursing monitor wires and tube that babies so small usually need .
  • they also have many items that other shops do not sell such as mittens from 1lb in weight.
  • they sell socks for babies under 2lbs too and loads of funky hats in many styles.
  • see the amazing 2-3lb tiny sized clothing section at Cheeky Chums here

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