where can i buy premature baby snowsuits from in uk winter coats

 where can i buy a premature baby snowsuit from in uk

dear cheeky chums ive seen you have a wide range of snowsuits and coats for a premature baby do you have one suitable for a baby weighing 3lb ?

Yes we have the widest range snowsuits and winter coats in the uk for premature babies.

you didn’t say if it was for a baby girl or a baby boy or even if you fancied a unisex colour instead of the usual pastel shades. but not to worry we have plenty in all colours too.

do you have winter coats for premature babies to wear in a car seat ?

yes we have short jackets and light weight coats too for premature babies. babies do not do well by being overheated it is much better to have a few layers so if they get too hot you can take one off. Don’t be tempted to put a snowsuit on in the car plus add a thick blanket. as the heater in the car comes on so the temperature of baby will rise.

how can I order a premature baby snowsuit at Cheeky Chums ?

Cheeky Chums are online for your convenience when your premature baby is in hospital you wont have much time rushing around trying to find one small enough so online you can shop using your phone tablet or laptop . If you fancy having a chat over the phone to see how big the sizes are then order that’s fine we send you an invoice to your email address to pay using your debit credit card. plus we are open unsocialble hours 10 am until 11pm Monday to Friday . we post Monday to Friday too except when the post office is closed for bank holidays.

Do you post worldwide for premature baby snowsuits and clothes ?

Not to USA or Canada but everywhere else in the world yes. Its due to insurance restrictions.postage first class to the uk is £3.99 postage to anywhere else worldwide is £9.99.faster postage using royal mail special delivery is also available to use when you need it quickly but its only for uk addresses.

what clothes are suitable to wear under a premature baby snowsuit please I don’t want my baby too cold?

Just remember layers is important. the weather is quite freaky lately so its so unpredictable. I expect it to be really cold this winter. the best thing about a premature baby snowsuit is from top to toe baby is cover imagine warm toes and you can put the hood up outside to help shield baby from icy winds. vest baby grow snowsuit hat and mittens is enough for baby to get maximum benefit in colder weather.

what other sizes snowsuits do you do for babies ?

Cheeky Chums also have premature baby snowsuits instock in sizes 3-5lb,5-8lb and newborn . you can also find warm mittens hats in every pattern and fabric imaginable.from funky coloured, thick and snug , cute and cosy boy and girl prints and soothing pastel shades too



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