whats new for you premature baby ?

New baby clothes are so cute and in plentiful supply for a newborn baby. At Cheeky Chums they make sure premature babies do not get a raw deal when it comes to fashion and choices for tiny baby sized baby clothes. New lines are added each week.The latest arrivals to hit the shelves today are SNOOPY BLUE in 5-8lb. Adorable dungaree sets a complete dress me matching ouitfit comprising of dungarees,t shirt, socks and a beanie hat to keep a precious head cosy and warm too. In eye catching colours of red white and blue.

Also arriving on tuesday are hot seller Dalmation Puppies outfit in 3-5lb and 5-8lb cutest yet with spotted baby grow and matching hat.Sold out within 1 hr of being online so now lots more have been ordered for Tuesday delivery. If you would like to pre order yours contact us at the top of the page for a free voucher worth £1.00 to spend on one at the checkout.You will love these to pieces all the staff do and we are only the suppliers.or choose something else from the vast array at the superstore just for premature babies. Now Click on the go shopping button at the top of the page .Making shopping so much easier for premature babies sized clothing.