Whats new for premature babies by Nanny Nicu

Well after much concideration Cheeky Chums have decided to keep Nanny Nicu range of premature baby clothes personal.If you give birth to a premature or tiny baby you will need to buy smaller newborn baby clothes.Nanny Nicu range provide gorgeous neonatal baby clothes. Cheeky Chums was going to pass the manufacturing workload onto the far overseas factories to keep up with popular demand, but it will take away the personalization that Nanny Nicu offers already. so No! A Change of plan. After a successful meeting today with a local embroidery manufactuer in the Uk.New arrivals will start to arrive at Cheeky Chums in April onwards, yippee so excited.A new Premier range will accompany the Nanny Nicu range of special care baby clothes.For any one that doesnt know about Nanny Nicu already, its a beautiful range of micro sized baby clothes made from vibrant coloured cotton materials.
Lucious Organic fabrics will be introduced with more choices. Stunning coloured fabrics, plus organic cottons are even kinder worn next to your babies’ delicate skin.Plus The cutest clothes yet with embroidered styles being added pleasing and very appealing designs.Lovable clothes for lovable babies.A sneak preview here

its choices galore at the Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes store and after the made few months of Nanny Nicu selling out. More lines have just started to arrive visit the direct link HERE or choose something different to dress your premature baby in from all the other premature baby departments at http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk

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