what’s new developments At Cheeky Chums 4 premature Babies

Cheeky Chums pregnancy week blog comes to and end today next week we take a look at a new topic multiple births,from twins, to breast feding issues with double the workload, support and groups mums can join when expecting 2 or more babies at the same time.

Cheeky Chums have an online superstore for premature babies.

It has been a hard year finding clothes for preemie babies that offer practicality fit correcty yet are cute and cosy too. Over the next few months new lines are due from around the world and the uk. Plus As Nanny Nicu a popular range for neonatal units gets bigger 2 more lines are in the development process,of a revolutionary new clothing for NICU and SCBU ready after trials in August 2010.

You may find a premature baby shop online copying these designs but these are being developed by baby specialist and a mother of 3 premature babies This is to ensure they are fit for the purpose they are made for so will only be available from Cheeky Chums.

Another new range :In-Safe-Hands is a Christian brand of baby gowns made for babies that have passed away, before full term gestation.Cheeky Chums are grateful for this range to be added to the Bereavement section of our website.We hope to get these in stock by AUGUST 2010

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