what to do fetus early baby loss miscarriage at home

what to do with fetus when you have a miscarriage of baby at home

when you  miscarry at home a question often asked is what do I do with the fetus ?

as a baby bereavement specialist and researching this particular question here is what you can do with the baby / fetus early baby loss.

depending how many weeks gestation you are can determine what you do with the fetus. often its only at the first scan around 12 weeks gestation in pregnancy that it has been made aware that the baby has gone from the womb as a naturally miscarriage. you may be thinking I only had a little spotting of blood. but it could have got missed and flushed away with with sac and tissue residue as you went to the toilet.

if you managed to catch the fetus as it miscarried you may think now what do I ring an ambulance. the answer is no as seeing the baby outside shows you have indeed lost the baby and would not be viable born at less than 21 weeks-24 weeks gestational age. Not unless you are bleeding so heavily you feel weak and blood is gushing out of you and it wont stop.

Question …. I don’t feel right flushing my baby down the toilet shall I bury it in the garden?  Answer…You could dig a hole at least 18inches deep and away from a direct water supply in your garden to bury your baby in. planting a little rose bush over the top can be therapeutic watching it bloom and see roses develop with a beautiful aroma. Then you can cut some in full bloom to keep by your side in the house in a vase of water in memory of baby.

Question 2…. I don’t feel comfortable wrapping my baby a tiny fetus in tissue then burying it straight in a hole .what could I use that would be more appropriate id hate it for my baby to feel cold. Answer 2….you can order a fetal demise pouch so baby can lie in it snug and settled then place into a tiny wooden casket before going directly into the ground.

home cremation for miscarried fetus

a cremation is the incineration of bodily remains that brings the contents to a dust like appearance called ashes. the home cremation for babies less than 14 weeks gestation can be done by a family member on a little fire outside and if any ashes remain can be scattered or kept in a little ashes urn or ashes jewellery keepsake.

I’m sure if you contacted your local crematorium they would tell you if there is a charge and what paperwork you would need to have in order for them to conduct a cremation for  a fetus born in the second trimester and upwards.

Do I have to see the doctor after a miscarriage at home at 11 weeks gestation ? I lost the baby down the toilet and bled for a week  afterwards ?

You could do a pregnancy test 2 weeks after the miscarriage to see if any hormones are still present if you are starting to feel feverish some of the tissue could still be left inside and may cause and infection. if its showing negative then unless you are bleeding very heavily and it wont stop you do not need to see a doctor unless you are worried at all.

if you are already booked in to see the midwife etc you could always get a family member to ring in at tell them what happened.






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