what is prematurity in babies a premature baby

preemie baby premature infant dad

what is prematurity in babies  premature baby

babies in the womb develop immensely during the 9 months gestation before being delivered full term.

A preterm birth means baby will be born premature.

Premature means babies born very early are more prone to difficulties with the major organs because they are not full matured.

maturity of a babies organs in the womb starts around 34 -37 weeks pregnancy gestational age.

micro preemies are premature babies born under 30 weeks of pregnancy.Preemie babies delivered at  24 weeks  are classed as viable.Viable  means they can only just survive outside the womb but need an incubator and other assisted nursing support for a while until reaching full term gestational age.

tomorrow is prematurity awareness day.



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