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what does my name mean ? decisions decisions decisions? when you are pregnant you may want to pick your baby’s name before the birth. You or your partner may have contradicting name choices but here are our top tips for choosing your baby name when you finally decide the time is right.
1. Remember what may sound nice to you will be with your child forever. Will it cause your child be be name called and issolated at school. Think of all the nick names they will get associated with their name ie wesley name calling could be wes or weszie Would you want such an unusual name that all your child’s school friends may find hard to pronounce?
2.Why are you choosing the name? some families may choose something with a religious or symbolic reference attached to it.
3. Picking a name out of a hat may seem to your child later on that you couldnt be bothered and opted for anything, making your child realize your chose their name for an extra special reason can have a good impact on them.
4. can you spell the name your have picked? is it easy to write. Have you chosen Such a long name that they would find it hard to write it themselves when they go to school. Just something to think about!
5.Picking a second name give your child the option.You may find later on if they have a first and a second name and they want to be called by their middle name, create 2 to let them have that choice.
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