What do you sell at the premature baby clothes superstore!

Here is a look at the premature baby clothes superstore.
You never know if you baby will be born premature or not so in case you need a specific product where do you turn to in an emergency. At the Premature baby clothes superstore in the uk you will be surprised by what tiny baby clothes and products you can find.
Socks sizes start from 0-2lb, 1-3lb, 3-5lb, 3-6lb,5-8lb+ look for the tiniest size 000000.
Tights such colourful array not just in baby pink or white Cheeky Chums carry many other lucious colours too in sizes 3-5lb,4-6lb,5-8lb.
Hats from 16 cm in a head circumference.Many many delightful choices styles and colours for NICU use,home out and about in all weather types all year round.
Coats lots here even premature baby Snowsuits.The best thing is snowsuits are carried all year round perfect for overseas mums with tiny preemie babies in colder climates.Cheeky Chums ship worldwide for only £3.50.
Dresses in every style from traditional to modern jazzy colours in tiny sizes.
Neonatal baby clothes the Nanny Nicu range have been made with direct input from nicu staff and baby specialists, staff at the NICU know which make clothes their job easier to care for your baby so these were made to fit preemie babies in special care units. You will find Nanny Nicu in amazing bright colours too pick your favourite from in over 12 vibrant colours.
Dummies and pacifiers for premature babies lots here take your pick for babies under 30 weeks gestation so tiny and it helps to settle baby better undergoing essential hospital tests.
Cardigans with over 8 knitters and crochet specialist contributing to the valuable need of premature babies a lot of these staff at Cheeky Chums have cut down the costs involved in making these for such a worthy cause.You can pay over £30.00 a set if you go off todays current market value of the minimum wage.Such a vast amount of time goes into making a lot of the hand made cardigans sets here at this superstore. Mums really do get value for money with the hand made cardigan section.Plus factory made cardigans and home maker machine knits are stocked too Cheeky Chums are Proud to be British and helping to keep the UK economy afloat.
Now for something sad yet a very needy area for tiny babies.
Discussing the tiny baby bereavement section at Cheeky Chums. Babies do die yes they do die in the womb and not a lot of people like to talk about such a delicate subject. At Cheeky Chums the staff are sensitive to the needs of families in these very distressing circumstances.Should a baby be born asleep you can find all you need to dress your tiny newborn baby in at Cheeky Chums bereavement section.Sizes start from 5 inches in length with appropriate dresses,hats,bonnets gowns and socks tiny nappies are also in stock for 1lb babies+.
For babies too delicate for dressing bereavement cribs are offered for babies under 10 inches to take a final sleeping before lying in a casket. Its more comfortable, its a tiny moses basket made from crochet baby wool with an accompanying soft blanket.Parents can say final goodbyes to baby in a loving environment knowing baby is finally settled and feeling comfy.
Pay a special visit to Cheeky Chums the premature baby clothes superstore I’m sure we will have missed something out that other stores do not stock.at http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk

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