what do stillborn babies look like why is baby’s mouth black

what do stillborn babies look like why is the mouth sometimes black ?

today we cover the sensitive topic of preparing your self for what a stillborn baby will look like after delivery and answer your most related questions about stillborn babies condition at birth .

When a mum and dad have just found out at a regular scan appointment that baby has sadly died in the womb this is where baby will be born stillborn no heart beat at birth. Sometimes there is no time to prepare really emotionally for what you are likely to face in terms of baby’s condition.  When a newborn is baby born baby may have  a bluish tinge until the umbilical corn is cut, baby takes its first breath and starts to pink up, it is no longer attached to the placenta inside mum and this is when babys organs start working unaided.

when baby is born stillborn its a total different situation. When a babys heart stops beating the body goes through different stages before its starts to change known as “decomposition”.depending when baby dies in the womb determines the condition of baby’s outward appearance when you see it in the outside for the first time .Due to fact baby is in the amniotic sac in the mothers womb means some changes will not happen as fast until it comes into contact with air and the surrounding environment.

As the midwives and delivery team exampine the bay after delivery it can be noted the time of death due to changes in the skin.

  • stillborn baby passed away 4-6 hours before birth the baby’s skin as a wrinkly look like when you’ve spent too much time in the bath. baby’s lips may be very dark cherry red looking or black. depending how baby died effects the lips especially after a cord accident causing asphyxia. Blood can settle in lower regions of the baby’s body causing a bruising type appearance in the skin.
  • if baby died 12 or more hours before birth 5% of the skin may be sunburnt looking due to peeling of the skin.
  • stillborn birth baby died 24 hours before delivery skin looks brown yellow looking
  • baby looks puffy hydrops looking feature puffiness red.
  • for a baby that passed away in the womb 2 weeks before birth a lot of the water in baby’s whole body will disappear, making baby look more dried out mummified appearance.

can I see an image of a stillborn baby please ?

to respect these babies that sadly passed away you are welcome to see some babies and what their appearance may look like here

stillborn baby photos

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Tiny babies born stillborn at 23 weeks and less miscarriage looks like..

if mum as a miscarriage here is what you can expect to see with the fetus / baby and tissue .

  • 0-6 weeks miscarriage clots of blood red tissue, red blood may see sac with tiny fetus inside.
  • 8-12 weeks baby can be seen in sac or still attached to sac via umbilical cord, very delicate to be held at this age.blood and tissue from lining of the womb present.
  • 14-16 baby fits inside the palm of your hand deep pink or red looking skin colour.very fragile to hold bones very tender to the touch.baby can be dressed in a hat and settled into a fetal demise pouch for comfort and funeral service.may feel slippery.
  • 18 weeks gestation miscarriage baby is approx as long as your hand baby can wear a gown and hat due to being fragile in weight for the bereavement service.
  • 20-24 weeks gestation baby not as wet to the touch. can be dressed in a full outfit such as babygrow hat and mittens.





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