what do premature baby clothing sizes go off

what do premature baby clothing sizes go off?Cheeky Chums looked on the net to find the best premature baby clothes.looking at every uk wholesaler, manufactuer and then overseas. The results shocked every one at Cheeky Chums.

Cheeky Chums research and development team wanted to find premature baby clothes for a baby weighing 2lb 3oz. The ones found in the UK were massive. Arms too long in some cases, body widths way to wide.Dull, traditional standard clothes nothing unique.
The baby clothing for preemie babies are found in body weights across the uk.Sizes come in 1 and half to 3 and half pound at some prem baby shops online. plus when Cheeky chums purchased some on a trial purchased found the hat was an average size which did not meet with the baby’s head size for that of a 1lb baby it was more 3-5lb plus der! What a waste of money. Mums having to put them on baby later as baby gained more weight and with a different outfit altogether.

Cheeky Chums decided to alter them each one individually before sending them out to customers but it shouldn’t be the retailer’s responsibility should it ?

Without giving away too much liable information away a reputable established premature baby clothes manufactuer in the uk has started to make their 2 sizes sizes bigger, hats sizes not fitting the sets,threads not cut inside the clothes.Cheeky Chums again altered them to fit so thats the second one this month. and again its waste of money for mums and dads.

Worldwide larger still with a recent baby grow purchased in a preemie size, (for baby weighing 5-8lb) it was so big it was more 12lb plus. What is going on with baby clothing manufacturers? Mums need clothes to fit tiny babies so how do Cheeky Chums stock the ones that fit. Nanny Nicu neonatal baby clothing range was introduced 2 years ago. Vibrant coloured, pretty stylings, cute clothes made just for premature, tiny and poorly newborns. Aimed for use in the neonatal intensive care units, post op surgery clothes and clothes ready for wear at home.Nanny Nicu offer more Realistic body measurements to make the exclusive creations and with direct input from the special care baby unit nursing staff.

Nanny Nicu offer slimmer fittings, offering more sizes for the smallest of micro sized preemie babies.
Cheeky Chums also carry a whole range of scrumptious tiny baby clothing.
For babies with a fuller tummy measurement each of the clothing descriptions at Cheeky Chums online baby shop tell you which are generous fittings and which come on the smaller side fittings.
sghiving parents a better idea which to buy. Some premature babies are longer in the length. Premature babies do not have enough body fat to fill outfits that the 0-3 month sizes have.

If you look around on market stalls the chances are you won’t find slimmer fitting premature baby clothes. Some of the clothes for premature babies look like they have been stuck together any old fashion and with a prem size sticker sewed on. How is a parent or grandparent wanting to buy a premature baby gift supposed to know what size it is without carrying a tape measure around in a pocket?

The online Premature baby clothes superstore has it all for premature and teeeny tiny early babies.Snuggies socks for the tiniest of preemie babies from 1lb in weight how cute is that plus all the nice accessories such as frilly socks, little knickers, colouirful tights that fit and micro nappies too.

On sad occasions when a tiny baby doesn’t make it Cheeky chums also carry tiny baby burial gowns and burial clothes from 5 inches in length.
It makes baby feel comfortable dressed in snug fitting clothes. They look cute to say final goodbyes in and mummy has good memories to kiss baby a final goodbye. See them at http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk

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