what an unusual spot to give birth to baby

After the snow chaos in the uk the last few weeks and mums giving birth in the backs of a cars and a taxis we look a what other unusual spots some mums where in giving birth to their baby. In todays news here in the uk
Staff at an Asda supermarket had to turn their hand to midwifery when a customer went into labour in the store’s toilets.

Three members of staff at Asda’s Wakefield branch discovered the lady customer was actually giving birth after hearing her cries.

She was helped into the supermarket’s caf√© while two members of staff gathered an urgent supply of towels and pillows from the aisles to make her comfortable as she gave birth right there in Asda.

An ambulance was called but the baby’s head and shoulders were already showing so staff member and first aider, Les Hepworth, stepped in as midwife to deliver the baby with over-the-phone instructions from a paramedic. A healthy baby boy was born as the ambulance arrived.

“We are thrilled to have a new addition to the Asda family and we want to congratulate the mum on her new baby boy,” said a statement from Asda, who will be congratulating the new mum with a bumper pack of nappy essentials.

After sending my own daughter home in the evening for the 2nd false alram of the day, I helped deliver a healthy 6lb 6 oz baby girl on my brothers living room carpet within 20 mins after nipping the loo. showing no signs of an imminent birth prior to going to the loo it was too late even to be wisked to hospital 10 mins away in one woosh out she popped baby elizabeth with an ambulance crew arriving in the nick of time.I asked for towels but we didint even know what to do with the the birth was so quick by the way this was here first baby too which deliveries in these cases usually take hours.She is now a healthy 5 year old.
Several premature babies have been born on airplanes little Pawan Deep Kaur, born six weeks early on a flight from Hong Kong to Adelaide, last week. Luckily for mom, who was traveling by herself to meet her husband in Australia, there was not just one, but three doctors on board to assist with the birth. Pawan Deep means ‚Äúocean air‚ÄĚ.
Mrs C….I was born downstairs on top of the air raid shelter. My twin brother & sister were underneath & the doors & windows all blew in at my moment of birth!
There’s a really interesting website about people who give birth in the Baltic Sea over in Europe. It’s like a waterbirth, with a midwife, but in the ocean instead of a birthing tub in a hospital, birth center, or home.
From charli…A woman I know had her child at the hairdressers.
The ambulance came in time to deliver the child, then took them both to hospital. The hairdresser had some real gossip to share that month.
and finally I know its not funny but my brother was premature 40 years ago, mum gave birth to him at home delivered in a plastic bucket the ones u got free with washing powder green it was ill never forget they sent me next door to a neighbour because it all happened so fast but I still remember even all those years ago.
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