we’d feel sick at these pregnancy cravings

This weeks blog posts looks at pregnancy. Today looks at why pregnant mums to be crave certain foods and why smells trigger an addiction during pregnancy.Plus a look at 10 pregnancy cravings most common.Do you have an unusual craving or had one with your other pregnancies we would love to know!

Pregnancy cravings affect 90% of mums-to-be. Some are normal and some are a bit more unusual!

Women usually crave these odd tastes and smells because they’re lacking, or trying to build up, vitamins in their blood in order to keep the baby safe in the womb.

Lilt (can of pop)ice cold though
Ice: 22%
Coal: 17%
smells included Toothpaste: 9%
Sponges: 8%
Mud 7%
Chalk: 6%
Laundry soap: 5%
Matches: 3%
Rubber: 1%
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