Webcams in incubators allow parents to bond with their premature babies from home

A recent article in the Daily Mail talked about how in the USA they are using webcams in neonatal wards so parents can continue to bond with their premature newborns even when they are not on the wards.

The article states that:

  • at least 8 hospitals in the US have the webcam systems in place
  • parents are able to log into a secure server and watch their baby 24 hrs a day
  • babies which have sever problems are more likely to stay in hospital longer due to the webcam systems
  • doctor’s are hoping that through increasing the bonding with parents they can prevent problems associated with premature babies.

Some of the systems being trialed also have a speaker inside the incubator so the parents can talk, sing and coo to their newborn. These systems are solely for the use of parents, no medical staff use the cameras and there is no stored video, the stream is just continuous.

Parent’s are able to take screen shots and can also share their log in password with family so every family member can have the chance to get involved with the bonding.It is usually the sickest of the premature newborns that are given access to the webcam system, as they will be in the units for the longest period of time.

To read the full article and see how families that have used the system have found it click here.


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