We will remember our baby loss mark my word!

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October.

This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now.

The title may seem harsh but for some families who have experienced a baby loss at sometime in either pregnancy or shortly after birth can be very painful.What can happen is  family friends neighbours often shun them and avoid talking about their baby’s death.

As part of the baby loss awareness week we shall be giving you some valuable information including where to seek advice, support and how to draw some comfort from other families who have also been there too in experiencing a baby death. In the meantime you can find important information from our main website.It specializes in baby bereavement covering many topics at the bottom of the home page including,why did my baby die ?,arranging a baby funeral?, looking after baby after delivery of a stillbirth and much more. see http://baby-burial-gowns.co.uk

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