we discuss home births should you? could you? would you?

1.first time mums is it wise to have a home birth?
we recommend a first baby to be delivered at the hospital.you can be monitored better and the worry about going into labour can put your mind at ease knowing all the necessary equipment for an emergency c section is in place should the need arrise.
2. If everything with your first pregnancy went smoothly with no problems or an induction then you should be able to have other deliveries at home.Check with your consultant and midwives first
3.Would you be able to cope easier with a home birth? well you may be able to relax better in your own home surroundings,after all In America in the later 19th century and deliveries of babies 90% where born at home. In the uk from the first use of ether in 1847 as a form of pain relief medical practioners have come a long way in the intervention of pain relief for use on mums both at home at in hospital.Its more of a relaxed natural setting, with the safety, care and well being showed to both the mum and baby looked after by the midwives concerned.
You cannot just give birth yourself with a boiling kettle and your husband except in a dire emergencey.Babies have to be delivered by qualified midwife.Dicuss a birth plan in advance and don’t take no for an answer if they are short staffed you do have the right to a midwife and it is the health authorities responcibility to provide one.in the case baby comes early ands you need smallest sized clothes visit our quick access premature baby shop HERE or the all action packed premature baby store HERE this website can provide all the resouces you need if you indeed plan to have a home birth.visit HERE

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