VAT increase for new mums with a baby on the way

In 2011 VAT increases.How does this effect new mums with a baby on the way.High interest rates and higher unemployment.Buy items in the sales.The good news is that so far there is no VAT on baby clothes as it is 0 rated .It was up for review which would have put even more strain on the economy and families raising young children Thankfully it remains unchanged as yet.Struggling putting a baby budget together If family members offer to buy a bulky item ie cot, bedding bale etc let them. 

Avoid paying weekly for prams etc if you buy from a high street shop with many closing down these poor parents suffered heartbreak read…

Baby Store Bankruptcy Leaves Buyers Empty-Handed

uk baby shop court action closure

Parents could lose hundreds of pounds following baby shop closing down

What Does the UK Recession Mean for Baby Shops

The good news is that Cheeky Chums are continuing to expand in 2011.Distributers,manufactuers of baby wear in Europe can contact us we need more premature baby lines. contact us on the main contact page of the premature baby clothes superstore at  HTTP://CHEEKYCHUMSONLINE.CO.UK

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