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A look at the birth of twin babies.

As a Teenager Ill never forget the look I gave friend as My mum casually talked about having babies. “Oh I thought you did it twice to get twins,I always wanted twin babies but then I got you.”
It sparked todays blog topic a look at a twin pregnancy and giving birth to twins. If you are pregnant and worried twins run in the family I’m sure there are questions you will want answering when you get the scan result from the hospital. So here is a brief look at having twin babies and if it really does mean double the trouble!

babynappiesFraternal Twins
Fraternal twins are dizygotic from two different eggs, each fertilized by different sperm. That mean they share only 50% of their DNA, much like all other singleton siblings. They can be the same or opposite sexes.
Monozygotic Twins
Identical twins from the same egg that will later splits into two. If your twins look like copies of each other, you probably have identical twins. These twins will share 100% of their DNA, have the same hand and footprints and yet have different teeth marks and fingerprints. Conjoined (“Siamese”) twins are those that are attached at birth.

One popular question you may have is will I have to have a c section just because there are 2 babies in the womb. The answer is no.
More than half of twins will be born vaginally. Whether this option is the right one for you and your babies is a discussion that should be discussed with your doctor or midwife. The good news is that even though you have two babies – you only have to labor once!
This means you will have to push twice, but the majority of the time the second twin is born much more easily than the first.

If Twin B is breech, your practitioner may decide to allow the baby to deliver breech, to turn the baby externally or internally or even do something called a breech extraction (pulling baby out by the feet).

twinstockCesarean Birth with twin babies

One baby being born vaginally with the second twin being born via cesarean occurs in only about 3-4% of all twin births. Usually this is done for an emergency with Twin B, like a cord prolapse (This is where the cord comes out with or before the baby, thereby cutting off the baby’s oxygen supply.), severe malpresentation (like a transverse baby that cannot be moved by internal or external forces), placental abruption .

Will my twins be born premature and need to stay in the nicu?
More than half of twins will be born prior to 37 weeks.They may need a short stay in the nicu just in case they need assistance with breathing.The consultant looking after you will keep you informed every step of the way whilst carrying twin babies and tell you common procedures that are in place if the twin babies need help at birth.
Will I be able to breast feed both babies or will it be hard work?
Getting into a routine with one baby can be hard at first so you have to make sure you do with 2 babies.Accept all the family support you can to do chores help with cooking cleaning etc and try to get both babies to feed at the same time.Two cushions one baby under each arm supported with the cushions or criss cross. Rest when you can eat regular, healthy and always have a drink at the side of you before you start, breastfeeding can make you thirsty.
As for double the trouble it can be if after a few weeks you do not get organised, an extra hand is good for doing the extra washing, ironing and chores around the home so never refuse helpfrom a fmaily memeber or friend in the first few weeks.
Remember to enjoy every moment you have with them as babies. They soon grow up. Take photos and record important baby milestones. In no time at all you will find they are all grown up asking you to show them all the family pics you took when they were babies.
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