Toys story 3 Cheeky Chums review top 5 kids films

Toy story 3 out in July 2010 is it one to avoid or one to rush out and watch with the whole family at the cinemas for enjoyment. From time to time Cheeky Chums review top toys, clothing items etc for children so here is our top 5 kids films recommended for you whoops I mean you and your children.
At number 5
Even today If your kids havent seen it Toy story 1 plot good,graphics, superb, scary for kids yes in part Even for adults with a nasty kid next door who destroys his sisters dollies payback for him in the end though.
Number 4
Lion king plot really good, sad at times a tear jerker, scary for kids a little he has a scary uncle, music cool songs are addictive.
Number 3 Stuart little
About a little mouse who lives with humans,plot cool, graphics and special effects excellent. scary for kids not really although a big pussy cat eyes up the mouse for dinner.
Number 2
Jumanji kids find a game in the loft and start to play oh ohh trouble ahead all types of jungle animals attack the town as the board game comes to life. scary yes on the edge of your seat but really good for cuddling up to each other and plenty of laughs with the monkeys.
Number 1 shrek graphics great, plot excellent funny songs all the way through, great characters you will want to watch the sequels after this one to watch 10/10.

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