totty maud girls at 5 shouldnt be allowed

I’m so sorry for some readers who may not like to hear this controversial blog news but I only found out this morning and I feel uterly sick.Primark have removed its sale of padded bikinis for little girls.
Who decided to sell them in the first place? children do grow up fast in todays world and with some many perverts looking at photos of children in swimwear makes my blood curl so, how much so is it sending out an even bigger message to perverts who fantasize over such indecentcy than to make our children and grandchildren into little women idols for men to oggle over.
the innocence of children is taken away from them thye need to experience a childhood for as long as possible not be be robbed of it.There has also been problems with the size 0 models that young girls are trying to aim for with thier bodies but trying to create a false breast look in a bikini doesn’t bear thinking about.vanity wanting breast implants at an early age?
Even in todays newspaper Model Jordan was rumoured to have had her breast implants explode inside her as she was on holiday sbuba diving.
So Come on manufactuers of children clothing no more sexuality for kids wear.
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