Top Of the Tots Autumn 2012 Premature babies in NICU or SCBU

Top Of the Tots for Autumn 2012 Premature babies in NICU

Sheila at Cheeky Chums discusses how the new range of Autumn wear for premature babies will such a huge hit for parents and their families.

What inspired you to bring out this range of premature baby wear?

Its so hard to find something really cute unique and different to whats already available for premature babies to wear.So as fast as the new and cutest fabrics hit the shelves we are sure to grab them. wholesale prices for the basic premature baby grows are going up so that means the cost go up for parents to buy them at and that’s just a no frills option.

we wanted to add value for what parents are buying so introducing a complete set bridges that gap.

My baby nephew is in special care at the moment he is only 6lb and so cute but he has CPAP wires up his nose.he tries to suck his fingers, gets them tangles in the tubes, he pulls them out to the rushing in of the neonatal nurses.

I also wanted to make sure these sets had appropriate sized scratch mittens with them for a lot of the range just out.

How does this range differ, to whats already available in the Nanny Nicu range of neonatal premature baby clothes ?

we took the popular items parents buy and combined them with the favourite essentials that babies need in the NICU for extra value packs.These offer a complete outfit all matching in the latest trendy fabrics just out!.Nanny Nicu are hand made tiny baby outfits in bright attractive colours made here in the UK, keeping it British.

Which babies will use these premature baby clothes ?

Each set is tailored for a particular special care baby unit and for going home so 1-2lb in weight babies in the NICU unit will not  need to wear layers due to the warmth of the incubator. Their outfits will have lots of buttons around for wires and monitor leads.

HDU and SCBU  have feet less design for dressing baby better through fiddly portholes of incubators .Going home outfits come in slender fittings  in as premature babies do not have lots of fat laid down like a full term newborn weighing 7 and a half pound or more.

take a peak at what has just started to arrive now until October…

  • CHEERFUL CLOWNS Hand made in UK keeping it British.
  • complete outfit in cheery print to brighten up baby’s wardrobe
  • comprising of all in one premature baby grow for settled sleep, made from 100 percent comfortable cotton.
  • matching teeny tiny baby scratch mittens Perfect if baby has wires or tubes connected in the incubator and wiggles ever so much to try to remove them. Fingers will be covered so they don’t snag them out of position so easily.

TRENDY BABE in sizes 3-5lb







CHEEKY CRITTERS 1-3lb fastens on the shoulders and nappy area.

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