Top 5 essential items you need for your newborn

There are some many must have items these days for newborns it can be had to choose what you really need ready for when you bring home your bundle of joy.

Here are 5 essential items you will need to buy ready for when your newborn arrives:

  1. Car Seat. This is a priority as you will need one of these to bring your newborn home from hospital in. Some car seats will come within a travel system which comprises of car seat, pushchair and carry cot. Others can be brought separate.When buying a car seat you need to consider where it will be used and for how long. Once you little one starts to grow, you will need to buy the next stage seat.
  2. Moses Basket. You will eventually need to buy a cot but when you initially bring your newborn home, they will sleep in their Moses basket. This is usually positioned next to your bed and if you only buy one, it needs to be easily transported up and down stairs so consider this when buying one.
  3. Pram/Pushchair. Essential, especially for when you are going crazy staring at four walls a after everyone else has gone back to work. It means you can escape the house and get some fresh air whilst your baby sleeps. A tip to consider when buying these is where will you be transporting it, in a car or on the bus. Consider the size of your boot or how easy it is to collapse or manoeuvre with a little one in your arms.
  4. Steriliser. Regardless of whether you breast feed or bottle feed, you will need a steriliser to keep all of your babies feeding equipment and dummies sterilised to prevent infection. There are many types on the market from microwave to large stand alone models. Research and see which are most suitable for you.
  5. Baby Monitor. As a new parent, you will want to be near your little one every second of the day. But this is not practical, so this is where baby monitors come in handy. Depending on the type you buy, you can either simply have a listening device which you can hear if your newborn wakes up, a video monitor where you can also see what your baby is doing to one that has sensors for breathing to reduce the risk of cot death. No matter which type you choose, they will all make life a bit easier when you are trying to do things around the house whilst your little one sleeps.

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