tiny tiny babies born premature at 24 weeks


tiny tiny babies born premature at 24 weeks of pregnancy

when premature babies are born tiny tiny at 24 weeks reached of pregnancy their care needs are so much different to that compared to being born at 38 weeks.

here are 5 differences in these tiny tiny premature babies

  • little old man features wrinnkly skin fragile approx measuring size 30cm head to toes
  • viable to survive with extensive neonatal intensive care,yet are prone to infections easily or brain bleeding.
  • sucking reflex not present so babies born at 24 weeks will have nasal tube feeding as soon as baby’s tummy can tolerate milk.
  • Premature babies born at 24 weeks will need to spend a longer time in the hospital than a baby born at 38 weeks.
  • tiny tiny babies delivered at 24 weeks will have to be quickly sent to the NICU after delivery mum and dad will get a quick glance or touch, as baby will need to be settled with correct breathing ventilators or cpap imediately after birth. babies born at 38 weeks will get more time for cuddles after birth then will be able to stay in the cot bedside next to mum

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