Not just for tiny premature babies

I thought we would share some good news with you, that made us beam a smile of joy.

If you have a tiny baby newborn clothes are way too big. You may want to keep a set as a keepsake as one family did for their little boy now age 9. He had a favourite toy which wore is own tiny clothes just to show how tiny he was at birth. The little boy loves his  toy and the clothes were getting a little worn so Nana decided he needed new ones. What a surprise she found  her grandsons little toy was a monkey and Cheeky Chums the superstore for premature baby wear had the very thing that said it all.the trendiest sock monkey clothes and in very tiny sizes.

She was so pleased to have clothes that fit little monkey that she shared a picture with us. here he is wearing the premature baby clothes.The same sizes her grandson needed when he was born premature weighing 1-3lb.Here is little monkey doesnt he look so sweet . you too can purchase trendy tiny baby clothes click a link above or visit the site direct at for the best dressed baby in the NICU.

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