tiny baby loss public cremation don’t wear clothes babies death

babies death early baby loss public cremation dont wear clothes

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Shocked a few days ago by one of our families who purchased a set of clothes for their baby grandsons cremation. originally planned  was a hospitals cremation service funeral and they were told don’t send clothes for baby to wear as they have to be given back to the mum before burning. How bad is that so check with your local hospitals policy before deciding on a group cremation service with other babies. Needless to say the harsh statement forced them go for a more dignified private funeral service elsewhere.

plus a family member wanted to put a rose at the side of baby’s cold  cot before the lid went on and was told NO no flowers inside please. what a sad rule for just a single rose, the rose couldn’t have harmed the baby at all could it ?  in all gentleness it had passed away. what’s your views on hospital rules on baby bereavement? leave a comment just below

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