tiny babies can they get rashes face born premature

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tiny babies can they get rashes on their face born premature

baby born tiny and early for dates is it true they can get a Rash?

yes baby can get a rash on the face known as a milk rash . Do not be tempted to squash and pimples like a spot, the rash will go on its own. use cotton wool balls and warm water to wipe your premature baby’s face. don’t be tempted to use wipes their skin as it is very sensitive.

A midwife visit can confirm the rash if baby is sick then your doctor will let you know if it is anything that needs treatment for. for example even a newborn baby around 6 weeks old can get chicken pox.

if your baby has been in contact with someone with a serious infection consult the Nicu outreach team or  a member of the medical team still visiting you for more advice.

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