They took my fetus 12-15 weeks gestation.

After reading This controversial blog post you may never want to read another blog post from our site. We understand this as this difficult topic today is very distressing but factual .It is not often spoken about,Its  is not something you want to think about, you may not want to tackle or come to terms with it in the real world. It does happen and you or someone you know of may have been in this situation.Todays topic looks at abortion.Abortion is the terminating or ending of a pregnancy before full term.

The following sites are upsetting, graphic and will shock and leave alasting impression on you please press your back button now to leave this site if it is going to offend you to the extreeme.

In the uk abortions are legal up to 24 weeks.

The past blog post looked at early abortion during the first trimester today we look at ending a pregnancy a 12-15 week abortion.



Cervix is stretched open known as dilatation so that the baby can be torn from the womb.A tool known as a Uterine Currette is used
One side of the loop is sharp for cutting the live child apart. The other side of this abortion tool scrapes the uterus to remove the placenta. Piece by piece the baby arms,legs, feet and head and contents are taken out and examined.Examination is to make sure all the baby body parts are there so that nothing in left inside the womb.The last piece is the placenta is taken out anything left inside can cause an infection and if not treated death in the mother would follow.A baby is fragile at this stage of a pregnancy so each piece will come out seperately. GRAPHIC SCENES  BEWARE Click here to see the tools used in abortions 12-15 weeks.There is no fixed method of dissolving the fetus to get baby out in one go,or vanish as some mums may think.

this page looks at an abortion at 14 weeks

The surgical abortion of the fetus 12-15 weeks gestation you could be offered:

  • a local anaesthetic around the area of the cervix
  • a general anaesthetic
  • conscious sedation ‚Äď this uses a drug that makes you sleepy but means that you stay conscious throughout the operation¬†you are aware of everything that is going on around you.


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