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Newborn Babies A good routine for a new baby teen mum

believe it or not the following 3 testimonies are not a good routine for a newborn baby and a teenage mum.

The second 3 examples are a good routine for a new baby.


BAD EXAMPLES routine 1. get up 11 am have cig, give baby bottle put in pram.cry and sleep,mum watch tv go shop for bread and milk come back make toast put baby in moses basket till 4pm change nappy ,leave on coach with bottle propped in mouth whilst mum makes something to eat.friends call round music and fun baby goes back in moses basket.sick on clothes left on .bedtime 10 pm.

BAD EXAMPLES routine 2. up at 10am pack a bottle and nappy in carrier bag go to mates have breakfast in cafe, go shopping in town.baby crying in pram walk round streets with mates.young kid pushes pram to get baby back sleep baby has bottle fed by the younger child at 4.30pm,nappy not changed back home at 6pm.

BAD EXAMPLES routine 3. on pc at 9am staying in bed give baby bottle and clean nappy back in moses basket, leave dirty nappies on floor until end of day back on pc,go down for breakfast at 12pm lunchtime.1pm put a coat on baby and go visit mum,leave with grandma until 7pm collect baby and go back home give baby bottle and put straight to bed.back on lap top until 10pm back on pc upstairs.

The above examples were centered around the mum and what was best for her, the baby comes first when you have a baby as a single parent , it is tough but it has some basic needs that need to be taken care of first and foremost before anything else.

the next examples show good routines for a baby and a teen mum.

1.Up at 8am or when baby wakes up.Wash by top and tail baby,change with a fresh nappy, clean clothes talk to baby  as you dress and change him/her. After bottle and winding settle back into moses basket or pram downstairs whilst mum  gets her self ready and breakfast. put any washing in quick tidy around.

Nip out or have friends around until baby due a next feed.If you go out always take a changing bag enough milk for 2 feeds or the day trip and a couple of changes of clothes nappies and bibs. back for tea time so baby can have a  bath fresh night clothes on bottle and bedtime. mum watch Tv or other hobby such as texting friends or pc,make up bottles for night time feeds see to all washing dry clothes on maidens or dryer. Go bed for sleep and rest after baby has next night feed.

2. Mum Up and bath/ or shower and breakfast before baby wakes for the next morning feed.make feeds up for the day and get baby’s clean clothes out.as baby awakes top and tail wash, dress baby feed and cuddle time before baby falls asleep again. Have a nap if needed when baby has a little sleep, when awake chat and talk to baby on playmat. PAY any bills or go shopping always taking a changing bag clean clothes,nappies bibs,and at least 2 feeds with you. when baby needs a next feed make sure there is somewhere dry and clean to go if you are still out and about,never leave baby with a stranger or younger child just to get a break from baby. bath time back home at tea time. bed around 7pm for baby make tea for mum.

3.After a night at grandmas make sure you collect your baby ontime if you have arranged a time with your mum.Do not take advantage of her good nature or you will find next time you need a baby sitter she will say no. make sure you are not totally hungover if you had a night drinking alcohol.You need to keep awake and look after your baby back home. only catch up with sleep when baby is asleep next to you and give baby any feeds and nappy changes when needed.Do not be tempted to leave baby crying just so you can have more sleep.




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