teen mum my premature baby came early how do I manage


poorly newbornTeen mums with a premature baby  coping with responsibility.


Being a parent to a premature early baby  is not just feeding, changing  baby, making tea and washing.

It’s about taking responsibility for the home environment too. If you are lucky enough to be living with your parents for the time being because your baby arrived early and the houses isn’t ready for you to move in you will not find out totally what responsibility is all about just yet .eventually there comes a time when you will take full responsibility for becoming an adult.


You will learn about what responsibility is really about when any teenager adult finally leaves home and owns or rents a house for the first time.

Whether you will be paying a mortgage or paying rent you not only have that to think about that payment but all the other payments you have to make on a regular basis and of the upkeep of the home environment.


Here are a list of essential bills and possible bills which need to be sorted and how to go about finding the correct information you need when you move into a property to sustain its upkeep.


 Renting a Property.



1.                  Workout your income and make sure you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to. Enquire at your local benefits office or Jobcentre. If you or a partner you will be living with are working did you know you may be able to get working tax credit?

2.                  Have a calendar or large diary to mark up 4 days before each bill is due so you can pay all bills on time.

3.                  Set aside chores to do around the house share jobs with a partner if you have one.

4.                  Keep all gardens/yards tidy and cut grass regular if you have a garden.

5.                  Make sure your waste is collected each week with the local authority and don’t let rubbish mount up in the back garden. It will attract pests and will be unpleasant. neighbours will complain and you could lose your house if you don’t keep it clean.

6.                  Respect your neighbours but do not become too dependant on them, falling out isn’t good which can sometimes happen if you become too close, but friendly is ok you never know if you get good neighbours they can come in handy if you have a cat to feed whilst you go on holiday or keep an eye on the house if you are away.

7.                  Keep the house in a clean condition, untidy is ok if you have a few children, but when it’s dirty it will become a problem not only to your health but the whole family. you can wash cushions regular keep windows open during the day whilst you are at home to help avoid the build up of bacteria in the rooms at home. Remember to change the sheets and bedding regular, wash up after every meal to keep on top of things.

8.                  Freshen up the place now and then with a good lick of paint, fresh curtains wallpaper. Rearrange the furniture it will give you a really good feel factor when you have finished. Hoover carpets regular to keep dust mites to a minimum, keep bathrooms and toilets clean.

9.                  Keep in touch with friends by letter if you cannot get out and about the same try new hobbies and keep your brain active if you spend a lot of time at home.

10.             Avoid debt, do not change utility suppliers too often, many are on a commission basis and will talk you into a sale when you feel you have no choice especially in this current UK credit crisis. Do not be pressurized no matter how good the deal seams.

11.             Put these payments in order of priority, you need a roof over your head first and foremost important. Pay the rent/or mortgage first.

12.             Use the chart below as an idea of what needs to be paid and what you don’t need to pay for.




Pay these first….





Then food and household bills such as phone, bus fares to work, school meals, window cleaner.


Put away money for items such as Shampoos and other washing/cleaning materials i.e. washing up liquids, birthdays and clothing.


Put any spare money away for mobile phones,sky,holidays savings.

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