Teen and pregnant 5 things you must do teenage pregnancy

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image8145463Teenage pregnancies ,I want a baby too just like you!

Joanne looked at the huge bump of her best friend.She was 14 She thought it was cool because the baby ment she got extra money all to herself, she could give the baby cuddles.She could show her off to all her mates.She would be the center of attention. Or would she?

Is being at school and pregnant teen at 14 or younger all its cracked up to be!

If this sounds like you take a look at what its like being a pregnant teenager and whats in store for you, if you did happen to fall pregnant.

  • Having sex leave it out until you get married or least until you are older.
  • Unprotected sex means you may get diseases.
  • Without contraception You will get pregnant even if you only ever do it (have sex)the once.
  • Traping your boyfriend by getting pregnant deliberately isn’t the answer, just so he will stay with you. If he is also a teenager he will want to go out parties and do all the things teenage lads do. He won’t want to be kept stuck at home with a kid.
  • Having  a baby is cool during the first week when your mates say how cute baby is,fussing over you asking you all the gory details about the birth. but they won’t be the one getting hardly any sleep whilst you feed the baby in the middle of the night.
  • Its you that will be stuck at home with out a baby sitter . whilst they go out having real good fun together leaving you feeling totally left out.
  • your mum or parent may give you some help but at the end of the day its your baby you will be in sole charge of a screaming baby not knowing why its crying in the early weeks.
  • You will be the one that’s rushing off to the baby clinic for baby’s regular health checks whilst your mates have time chilling out.
  • You will have to make sure baby is clean, baby has clean washing, baby has regular feeds,baby is dressed warmly appropriate for the season.
  • Then its gets worse colic problems can occur do you know how to handle a baby with colic,what about sick and poop when poorly. more nappies to change more washing to do yourself to keep up.A crying baby that is hard to console.
  • Teething screams again, redcheeks sore bottom the list is endless and its all all down to you to look after a baby until its at least 18 years of age.
  • Then you have got the toddler stage walking around poking into cupboards having to keep your eyes open and aware that baby can have accidents more at this stage as baby becomes more mobile.Your fiends will take look and say oh ill come back another day when you are not so busy. Guess what you will be busy for the rest of the time that your baby is growing up.
  • So think again before you feel that getting pregnant as a teenager is a good thing to do its totally not cool!


Here are the top 5 things you must do if you or someone you know may be a pregnant teen .

  1.  Do a pregnancy test.
  2. Tell your mum dad or another adult you can trust in confidence.
  3. Once you have taken a test and it shows its positive book in to see your doctor who will get the ball rolling for your first antenatal visits with a midwife scans etc.
  4. Its important you don’t miss midwife appointments, they can let you know that all is progressing well with a pregnancy and if twins etc are a possibility.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol.
  6. Stop smoking! Smoking causes babies to be born of a low birth weight and health problems due to the smoking .
  7. Stop taking illicit drugs.Babies can be taken off a mum if you are found to be taking illicit drugs.It effects the baby developing withdrawal symptoms immediately after birth if you haven’t stopped taking them.
  8. Do not take Drugs and any over the counter medicines whilst pregnant.It effects baby’s growth and development whilst in the womb.
  9. Eat healthy.
  10. Keep fit by taking regular light exercise ie walking,aqua-natal,but not overdoing it. If any problems arrise consult your midwife instantly.


After a positive pregnancy tests what are the options for you.

As Cheeky Chums are dedicated to the health and well being of premature babies we cannot advice on aborting a fetus no matter what stage you are in your pregnancy so we shall let you know of the other options available instead.


You give birth to your baby and sign it over soon afterwards.You will need a social worker assigned to you to talk things over and make sure you know what it means by putting baby up for adoption. A family member can take over the responsibility or a family outside your local area.The latest laws and options, different adoption types can be discussed with your allocated social worker once one has been appointed to you.


A residency order.

Your own parents or a close family member who has direct contact with your baby can apply for a residency care order at the court The court then decides who baby shall live with until baby reaches the age of 16.

A care order can be granted by the local authority they have parental responsibility shared with you.They decide where your child can stay that will be the best interest of the child.It is better to work with social service than having your baby removed and an emergency care order given because you are classed as not fit enough to meet your baby’s individual needs in a safe manner.

You keep the baby..

Where will you live.Don’t be in a dream world you cant just get an house move in with ready made furniture and live happily ever after.You could live with your parents if they will support you .Some areas have mother and baby units where you stay with other mums in a similar situation as yourself.You learn valuable skills in what being a mum is all about with your baby until a such time you can fend for your self with your own place.These are few and far between so don’t bank on getting a place.

Your local connections office can help with your continued education with minimum disruptions and housing.

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