Teddy Bears for an angel baby loss child death gift for you


Teddy Bears for an angel baby loss child death gift for you



Twitter: @BearforanAngel

 Bear for an Angel was Founded on August 13th 2010

by Michelle Dayson in loving memory of Tayten & Teagan

Sadly many babies lost before 20 weeks will not have had any acknowledgement of life until us,

For most women a keepsake acknowledges their child, it shows that she is still a Mother,
it shows that her baby/child was/is important and is a part of her family, Their memory will forever live on!

We will help anyone who has lost a baby from just 4 weeks gestation to a child of 16 years old,
This covers any type of death including miscarriage, still birth, sids, murder, cancer and many many more!

At Bear for an Angel we are determined to make a change, our aims are:
To provide an emotional support network via our Facebook & Twitter pages.
To offer financial assistance & funding towards memorial items.
To provide a free resource to create memorial pages in partnership with much loved.
Help families acknowledge & name their child if they feel it’s something that they would like to do.
To raise awareness of pregnancy, baby & child loss.

We believe that the certificate of life’s are a great way to acknowledge these precious babies/children & the teddy bears fill empty arms!

If you have lost a baby or child and would like to apply for a BfaA bear & certificate of life please read our 
T&C’s here 

If you would like to get involved in our organisation or feel you can help in anyway please see here for ideas



Our Achievements!

We have help fund over 100 bears for grieving families & have over 5,000 members on our facebook community page & it’s growing all the time,
a lot of these members we help with emotional support, We put up poems, songs, graphics etc to help comfort families who’s experienced baby or child loss


How you can Help us!

·        You can donate using the link above

·        You can also donate items to our auctions, raffles etc,

·        You can donate small teddies (6-8 inches tall & in good condition)

·        You can sell things and donate a percentage to us,

·        Attend our events either as a stall holder or just come along & support us,

·        You can donate your time & become a volunteer to help run our social media pages or help at events

·        You can organise an event for us eg a bake sale, bootsale, sponsor etc,

·        You can sponsor a families teddy bear & acknowledgement of life for £8

·        You can display our business cards of leaflets somewhere that people can take one if they need it

·        You can spread the word about us & the wonderful work we do!


Urgently required!

Bear for an Angel urgently requires local volunteers to help out,

We need admin to help run our social media pages

You must of experienced some kind of baby or child loss,
You need to be available to post messages of support & comfort, poems, songs, graphics etc atleast once per week,

We need local volunteers to help plan and run games/stalls at our local events

We need raffle prize donations to us for raffles that take place at our events

We need people to help spread the word about our cause & supply our cards or leaflets to anyone who might need us,

We also need a treasurer, secretary and committee to come up with fundraising ideas, help plan events and advertise

We are looking for a patron – someone who will represent our cause, promote it and lend their name to us in return for updates/ advertising at our events etc

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