Taking a premature baby out in Cold January


Taking a premature baby out and about in Cold January season.

How can you ensure your premature baby enjoys a visit to the grandparents or a trip shopping with you in the colder month of January.

Well if baby will be traveling with you in your arms only a snowsuit and warm outdoor hat is recommended with a medium blanket. But if baby is in the car seat for long periods of time we recommend one of our short jackets and a warm outdoor hat. premature babies and newborn babies can easily over heat wearing too many thick layers of clothing.It is much safer if baby wears low Tog level clothing  to retain  heat loss than a couple of very thick layers and too many blankets.

We constantly have new deliveries of outdoor hat, popular favourite knitted and crochet hats to keep the cold at bay.New coats have just arrived pink and blue in 3-5lb in weight for premature babies you can see them  here Girls Premature baby coats for Boys coats for premature baby Cute Girls premature hats and Boys trendy premature baby hats too vast array of choices to pick from in low birth weight sizings .


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