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remaining fit and in trim in pregnancy exercises

There is no doubt that pregnancy exercise is both excellent and necessary for you to do now that your looking out for two (unless your doctor has told you otherwise!). Exercise will help you reduce your pregnancy related symptoms, manage your weight gain and speed up your post-partum recovery time. However, you MUST make sure that whatever you choose to …Continue reading →

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Am I really pregnant body changes pregnancy 1 – 4 weeks

Am I really pregnant body changes pregnancy 1 – 4 weeks Trying for baby ? wondering what the first body changes that happen during the early stages of pregnancy then view this video clip just below. and if you are pregnant congratulations babies bring such joy to a family.

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Yeah I’m Pregnant Or Am I No morning sickness!

Hi Cheeky Chums Can I ask a question? I have just had 2 positive pregnancy tests and no morning sickness yet am I really pregnant. What you have to understand is urine pregnancies occasionally do not show up a positive pregnancy.A blood test can confirm it A urine pregnancy test that you buy off the chemist can show a positive …Continue reading →

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Pregnancy excited take a trip to British Baby Shows Fair

Pregnancy excited ? take a trip to a British Baby Shows,Baby Fairs,Baby Product Exhibitions. baby shows are popular in the UK with new baby products being developed and introduced to the public for the first time, you can find the best range of pregnancy  baby and toddler related products on show and get expert advice before deciding which to buy. …Continue reading →

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pregnancy I’M pregnant Scared of emergency C section will it hurt?

In pregnancy a c section can be performed for numerous reasons lets take a look VEWIER DESCRECTION ADVISED VIDEO  CLIPS GRAPHIC SCENES due to an emergency,multiple birth,elective c section.worry is common as you don’t know what to expect so watch this short video clip on all c section types for more valued information. more than 6500 viewers have seen it …Continue reading →

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